DITTE GANTRIIS: Stripped. Teased

For the show Stripped. Teased., Ditte Gantriis presents a new set of work in a series of silkscreens installed against an optical mural that covers the gallery room from floor to ceiling.
As a recurring feature in Gantriis’ practice the imagery alternates between abstract and figurative form, touching on thematics of disrupted narratives and a broader investigation of the act of interpretation. Composed of fleeting lines the images seem to be the outcome of loose and rapid hand movements rather than of a longer printing process. Floating between distinct and vague motives they often leave us with questions of what we are actually looking at.
Most images are accompanied by short sentences, set in a tone borrowed from the language of fiction and appear to be glimpses of a longer tale, unfolding parallel to the visual imagery. Rather than letting the verbal language point out possible meanings, the text seems to add something that is not actually present within the image it self. In this manner Gantriis leaves the beholder in a state of uncertainty, highlighting the image as a multiple signifier, which can trigger a diverse set of readings, while at the same time adding new elements of meaning to the imagery as a whole. The discontinuous relationship between image and text brings our attention to the ever-present investments of the spectator into the act of interpretation. Located as a mediator between the two we are faced with our own attempt to construct a continuous narrative and the chain of associations that arise in this void. Why do we carry certain expectations towards visual and verbal language, and can we really separate the story that we construct about our selves and the world from a private and a public source, or the cliché from the authentic?

- Is it a sketch of hair, a path to hell, a spaghetti or simply a grid of lines?

Written by Olga Nowotny / Photography by Jan Søndergaard