HAVEC & LL COOL JO: Marteau, tu vas me manquer>

LL Cool Jo:

Gypsy graffiti with bulging eyes, all chains outside, Chicano codes, middle fingers drawn up towards the sky, gay black metal folklore, oozing french fries/mayonnaise, low-fi erasures inherited Art Brut, proletarian inheritance, fairground rap into the veins, dissonant punk along nerves. Fanzines produced at a loss, typeset conscientiously, DIY serigraphs, home made misfire tattoos anthology, have passed through Turin, Innsbruck (Austria), London, Brussels and Paris and will be hooked for the second time time in Copenhagen


Havec prefers not having any boundaries for his works and just draws and paints the way he wants to, with different friends and without caring for a classical definition of art. His artworks have evolved from simple drawings to intricately detailed pieces that make you want to spend hours looking at. Havec’s preferred techniques are drawing and painting, and the main theme evolves around the contradiction between his rather child-like way of depicting things versus the crude text lines that go with those drawings. Using cardboard that he finds in the streets as a support to paint on, he also likes to cut out layers to add another dimensionality to his art. Most of the time, Havec composes a work by drawing a lot of smaller characters and objects, then combining these with ideas that are written in beautiful and everchanging typography. He wants to keep his colours strictly seperated and adds in the smallest lines, dots and letters while filling the whole canvas with animals, abusive language and abstract forms. He have had shows in Paris and Lyon, in Belgium and Luxumburg. Swiss and for for the second time in Copenhagen.