Affex Ventura: Certain aspects of modern society are ok:

Danish artist, born 1980. Works with painting, drawing, graffiti, tattoo, airbrush, photography, poetry, installation, video and art publications.

He started painting on the street under different names and later he became absorbed by painting in a more traditional understanding. Affex Ventura works with large themes such as the development of society and social justice or the lack of that, to homespun philosophy and psychology. With a fascination of life before the industrialization and a love for simplicity, drifters and travelers, as well as journeys of discovery into the mind. Affex Ventura has traveled and worked in many places such as Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, USA and Japan. He is a part of the graffiti- and art-collective F10 and the dumpster- and recycle group United Hands City Circus.