Sail Away from Miss Tint on Vimeo

Moving from port town along inland trade routes from city to city...rich to junky squaller...camping soaking wet under bridges creating work by bike light...shoes still on in your sleeping bag it is so cold...constant sound of trucks air brakes in the distance...ghost stories...silohouettes of dogs at night circling your camp... peadling over sierras up to the snowy peaks...painting while eating olives and laying in a field of flowers ,a weary flock of sheep clanging their bells in your peripheral vision...frames found in crackmarkets and flea markets...and old church garages...anywhere...everywhere

If you are always sailing away, always running from yesterday, always homeless, what can you ever gain? This exhibition is the biproduct of Other and Erik Burke’s 3000+km bicycle trip between Lisbon and Copenhagen.

Other - a Canadian artist...began scribbling in dark alleys and train yards up in the tundra almost 22 years ago...from the forgotten parts of northern cities he found his way to painting drawing and printmaking...self taught...inspired more by things falling apart than coming
together...his work is a dense layering of patterns and objects...a dream state...constantly
on the road ...his work speaks of movement ..the passage through many cultures and
constant new beginnings ...

Saddo - romanian illustrator and street artist, and Other´s good friend will also be exhibiting some paintings