In the exhibition “UNDER” Silas Inoue shows new drawings, watercolour paintings, and sculptures in the front room of the gallery.

With death as the main theme, the religious and fabulating nature of man gets explored, and a strange iconography occurs, where symbolic animals and plants in interaction with ritual objects, and poetic writings expresses both personal and more general ideas about death, and the afterlife. The exhibition here leads to three of the most widespread notions -

- The conception of a repeating life cycle of reincarnation, as in Hinduism and Buddhism.
- The monotheistic faith in a judicial god who pledges heaven or hell, as in Christianity and Islam.
- The scientific belief that death is the definitive end of the self.

Additionally more occult motifs emerges with the forces of nature contradicting the human effort of obtaining eternal life, and restless attempts on exceeding it self.

Different notions weave in and out of each other in a fluid entirety, in this way the exhibition embraces the uncertainty related to death - is there a greater power beyond our understanding? And is there a life after death? Out of these universal questions and as a gesture to the doubt, the exhibition points towards several different directions.